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Baby knows best the Secrets of peaceful parents

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Deborah Solomon, a follower of the school Magda Gerber describes in the book unique method of interaction of parents with young children. Based on the idea -educate watching -this approach will help you to understand what is really needed to your baby for the development and to learn to give him exactly what he needs. The author of the book I'm sure children by nature have the ability to develop at their own pace, they learn to communicate, solve problems and to calm down. Baby doesn't need that revolved around the adults, their endless care and suffocating love. The secret of a harmonious and trusting relationship with the child to wait patiently and watch him, to look at and to listen to him, to direct, not manage, to be attentive, but not Intrusive. Only by respecting the personal freedom of the baby, seeing him as a complete person with their own point of view, you will be able to grow independent and confident child. Chip books Describing a method to educate, observing-the author does not stop at the General ideas of education. Each of them is reflected in specific practical advice on the care of babies at different stages of development. Young parents learn how to care for a baby in the early days, as it to feed, put to sleep and bathe, play with him and teach to walk, to communicate and to cultivate a more grown-up child, right in setting limits. Why we decided to publish this book Is a calming and relaxing book as a breath of fresh air compared to the didactic, overly prescriptive benefits for caring for young children. It will help parents to feel confident in themselves and find more joy in parenting.

Who is this book for?

For new moms. For parents who -drove - himself the care of the child and worries about whether they all do. It will change your ideas about parenting, will give a relaxed relationship with the child.

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