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A wonderful time: winter

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Winter in Russia is long, dark and cold. But with this book it will become bright, happy and warm. A well-known blogger Ksenia Kislova (kokokokids.ru) describes some interesting ideas games, creative activities and a nice tradition - they will turn an ordinary winter days in the fabulous time that the child with warmth will remember when they grow up. The book contains workshops and helpful ideas: how to prepare for the New year - how to decorate a house, what to give as beautiful gift wrap, how to make an advent calendar in that play at home in the winter - games in the dark, cardboard construction, drawing, winter, banks, lamps etc. what to play on the street - a snow kitchen, footprints in the snow, outdoor games, painting on snow and ice, etc. as a bonus - a huge list of traditions, and just pleasant things that you can take note of and apply in your family. Chip books are Often the most simple things can fill your life with magic and joy! This book contains ideas that we're almost always in sight, but we always forget about them. You can open it at any page and find something interesting, thinking to himself: -for Sure! Let's do that! -

Who is this book for?

For families with children of preschool and younger school age. For anyone who loves childhood, creativity and play, despite age. From the author I have selected the most fun and simple games and activities that do not require long preparation or special skills. They are easy to repeat and can be adapted to any age child - from toddlers to teenagers. It not only has our favorite daughter games, but all sorts of tips and ideas that will help parents to bring in family life more ease, creativity and magic. I will be very happy if the book in your family will have a favorite game, a new tradition, and this winter will be special for you.

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