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365 days together a Calendar for parents

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This illustrated diary for parents who dream to plan and to make surprises to cope with the routine of regular duties and leave the games and adventures to keep the most important moments and to remember his childhood. How to use this planner? This calendar will help to plan things throughout the year that inspire small miracles and give useful tips on the subject of relationship with the child. For each week is a separate unit. It is convenient to write the tasks on days of the week to do the General marking and capture the joy of the week (something to cheer you up, or something you can reward yourself and the child). Before each weekly unit you will find short texts by Julia Lugovskoy - the relationship with the child, his development, education, children's games and leisure. In addition, the planner provides pages for recording contacts, schedules, lessons and groups, important institutions such as convenient labels for tracking or routine daily Affairs: sports, cosmetic treatment or cleaning is the place to record plans for the week, month and year pages for to-do lists, books, movies and TV shows, ideas for holidays and gifts for loved ones - short reviews of good and useful books for parents - colored pages on which the child can draw. And, of course, is in the diary brand list of authors of 365 attempts: it will help to spend time with the child. From authors these days to be a parent very interesting - an unprecedented variety of toys and books, many fascinating museums, exhibitions, workshops and children's clubs make life with a child is incomparably easier and more fun. But in all this abundance of goods and services that are imposed on us from all sides, often loses something important- something that can not be bought for money. Maybe you should consider - and not to buy one-thousandth machine, and just spend time with your child: go to the forest to make something with their hands, play in snowballs, to disassemble an old printer for parts or to read together book. Homemade holidays - let and absurd, with confused roles and funny props - still always more joyful and soulful than the activities of professional animators. In January 2014 we started a project 365together.ru to remind adults about the simple things, in which are preserved the magic of childhood, help to relive the delight and surprise, to feel the fullness and joy of life, to approach the world of fairy tales and dreams as close - together and, of course, with your child. Later the project was born from the idea of the diary, which will not only help to plan effectively and to inspire on a daily small miracles. We tried to make it as convenient as possible for parents: how to work and spend a lot of time at home with the child.

Who is this book for?

For parents who want to live life to the fullest, all the time and have fun with their children.

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