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Alphabet Living letters

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Alphabet is a set of pairs of cards, which are interconnected as a puzzle: on one card shows the letter, and the second - picture-Association. The author of this project Julia Tarakanova - teacher, psychologist, specialist in eidetic, or shaped the development of memory in children. For 16 years she successfully teaches kids letters, using a method based on the formation of memory, vivid images. How -works - the ABC's? The secret of the alphabet that it uses associative memory of the child. Picture-Association, matched to a letter, in form very similar to the letter itself. So in the process of playing with cards in memory of the child formed a stable Association -picture - form letters - name letters-that will come to mind the baby at the right time. Pieces of the project Together with the cards in the set is detailed instructions for parents on how to teach a toddler the alphabet. Many associations and how they deduce from the letters, the author was prompted by her little pupils. So they will close and your child. While the artist Masha Sergeeva drew illustrations for the ABC, her 2-year-old son on the sketches learned the whole alphabet. From the author of the Idea of creating associative alphabet came to me in 1997 when in -Moscow School Eidetics - I studied memorization techniques, based on the ability to create in-memory vivid images. My two year old daughter I was taught to spell this way - using her own associations. In her eyes, I could finish the letter to the Association. For example, the letter-V - I -turned - bike, which travels favorite brother wolf, and of letters -Z - we got a Bunny. It was so effective for remembering that I started to use animated letters in their teaching practice, and continue to use the associative alphabet for teaching children for the past 16 years. This set contains the most common childhood associations from those which we painted with the kids. I hope that your little one will enchant -live - letters, and he easily and happy to learn.

Who is this book for?

For younger readers.

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