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Animal architects-How animals build their homes

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Did you know that house animals are not inferior in engineering complexity and sophistication of modern buildings? They have a ventilation, temperature regulation system, solid walls, emergency exits, special camera... This book will show you how to construct house a variety of animals! You will be able to look in the nest of a chimpanzee, beaver hut, the tower of termites, a hive of bees. These and other skillful architects from the world of nature will tell you interesting ideas and construction methods that people can learn from animals. You will ensure that animals can build a home not a worse person. And, maybe, people should learn from them. The book is full of interesting facts that will be interesting not only for children but also for adults. It has valves and real construction projects with a description of the type of construction, the peculiarities of its construction and building materials. Chips books 1. Interactive format - a valves, which are so like children. 2. The authors - experts. 3. A very unusual view of the world of animals - the book is written at the junction of two Sciences. 4. The presentation of the material in an entertaining form - card projects with a description of the features of construction.

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