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As it is built From bridges to skyscrapers. The illustrated encyclopedia

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David McAuley, author of the international bestseller - How it works -that has the unique ability to awaken the reader's imagination. In this book he helps us to look afresh at familiar buildings - bridges, tunnels, cathedrals, dams, skyscrapers. McAuley describes all the way to create outstanding works of engineering and architectural thought, opening the door to an interesting world, familiar only to a narrow circle of professionals. Chips books David McAuley not only acquaints us with the history of the unique buildings. He pays special attention to the technical side of the issue - how people have made engineering decisions and how to cope with the challenges during construction. The construction of each structure, whether the Eurotunnel under the English channel, the dome of the Cathedral of St. Sophia and St. Peter's, skyscrapers, the Chrysler building and the Empire state building, it examines how a chain of decisions of engineers, planners, architects and builders. Each story is accompanied by detailed illustrations of David McAuley, who in his well-known manner, with detailed precision, draws diagrams of the buildings. This book was born from the documentary series Building Big, which tells the story of the creation of complex structures. David McAuley was a sponsor of the film and after filming he decided to write to him-paper support. Why we decided to publish this book Watching the progress of engineering, how experts cope with the complexities in the construction, we are learning to think sequentially, logically and find solutions to non-standard tasks.

Who is this book for?

For anyone interested in construction and architecture. From the author Why the designers chose it for this design, and not some other? Why use steel instead of stone or concrete? Why built it here? These issues have caused me to seek out the processes which any construction begins, the stage where the engineers and designers trying to formulate the tasks and sequence of their decisions. These reflections convinced me of the necessity of writing - printing -support - for his films. It deals with not all facilities chosen for the filming of the television series. The book is dedicated exclusively to the relationships between the main problems facing the engineers and designers, and the decisions that resulted were implemented during construction. Agree, there is something inspiring in the fact that all the grandiose and awe-inspiring in its grandeur buildings are the result of adoption and implementation of a consistent chain of human decisions. When you realize that common sense and logic play in the construction not less important than imagination and technical know-how, huge structures become much clearer and are perceived quite differently.

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