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A city through time From ancient settlements to a modern metropolis

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The city's history is the history of people who lived there. This book will show you how for over 2500 years home, technology, profession, lifestyle and clothing people, and with them the appearance of a European city. From the height of bird flight you will see the city in different epochs: you will see the panorama of the ancient Greek colony, a Roman and medieval cities, the industrial port of the nineteenth century and the modern metropolis. You will also be able to consider the vicinity of the most characteristic buildings of that period. As was held in the solemn rites of a Greek temple? What you can do in the public baths in Rome? What passions boiled in a medieval castle and the town hall of the seventeenth century? How was organized the train station in the nineteenth century? And how many people accommodate a modern skyscraper? Chip books Considering the details of the traced illustration, you will get acquainted with the history of architecture, technology, costume, work and leisure. About a series of Books that any child will awaken interest in history. Why are these books so special? They do not tell and show: detailed panoramic illustrations of Steve Noon can be examined for hours - they recreate the lives of people from other eras: the story of the life and technology, labor and recreation of the past - they provide knowledge in an entertaining form: boring subject called history comes alive, filled with colors and turns into the real world.

Who is this book for?

For all of you who wonder how people lived before, how they looked like houses and cities. For kids who love books for examination.

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