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Well-known Spanish psychologist Ángeles Navarro gathered in this notebook, a lot of educational games of different levels of complexity. They all share a common theme - animals. Here are a few tasks that will occur in the notebook: -Circle two identical owls-Find the snakes with an even number of spots, -draw animal eyes, noses, beaks, mouths, mustache, Lead the rooster through the maze -Make from the letters in the animal names and write down the words and cross out the extra picture in each row -, -Find five differences. Easy and difficult tasks alternate. This is an important distinction from other educational notebooks: there is no need to follow a certain sequence. If a puzzle seems too complicated child, he can go to the next page, and in a week again to try their hand. Young readers consistently delight job with stickers. And no wonder. Have you ever seen a black-and-white stickers that can be colored by yourself? Children don't need to ask -to learn - on the notebook. For kids it's fun. Well, a nice bonus from such activities - the consolidation of important skills. The games will help your child explore the world and memorize the names of animals, it is better to learn the ordinal account, repeat the letters, prepare the hand for writing, broaden their horizons, to develop attentiveness and logical thinking. All notebook Spanish psychologist Ángeles Navarro made so that the child did not perceive classes as something boring and serious. Cute pictures if drawn by a child's hand, and turns pleasing pastel tones. The background of each job are different. Readers say that pages like canvases, painted in natural colors, or patches of printed cotton with a fun pattern. Chips books the Notebook will be useful in preparing for school and for lessons with first graders. Boring game tasks, which serve at the pleasure of the children. Notebook you can take on the road is a great way to take a child to pass the time. Stickers!

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