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Animals Of The North

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For many years an Illustrator and children's author Dieter Braun traveled the world, studying the appearance of the animals, their habits, and habits, and then created a series of outstanding posters. This book includes his best works dedicated to the animal world of the Northern hemisphere. The book takes us through the most unusual places in the Northern hemisphere. Followed by bottlenose dolphins, we plunge into the waters of the ocean, along with the boar look for tasty roots in the woods, walk in the footsteps of the camel through the sandy desert, with a horned goat will climb up to the top of the mountain. And yet we pay a visit to the foxes, walking on open spaces of Siberia in the Arctic circle, Snoop on how to obtain its food woodpecker zhelna, and despite the Spanish heat, will make the company the Iberian lynx. Unique graphic style of Dieter Braun breathes life into animals in the pictures. The illustrations are expressive lines, vivid colors, and at the same time natural and amazing attention to detail. While the innovative narrative style of brown and his unique sense of humor turns dry facts about animals in the interesting stories. From the book you will learn: What bird is the fastest in the world. Why Panda all the time chews. What is the Przewalski horse differs from its domestic counterparts. A sport - more like Wolverine. Interesting journey into the world of wild nature!

Who is this book for?

For the whole family. For lovers of contemporary illustration of any age. From the author of About three and a half billion years ago appeared on Earth the first single-celled organisms. Over time, they developed the most fantastic creatures such as the bald eagle and the snow leopard. Today our planet is home to a huge number of animals. Among them there are creatures tiny and huge, subtle and bright, covered with feathers, wool or scales. There are vertebrates and invertebrates, pinnipeds, winged, hoofed animals... the Animal world of Earth is incredibly diverse! However, few animals live in their usual environment of wild nature, because we humans increasingly encroach on their ancestral territory. Many species have to adapt to pollution and climate change. A striking example - polar bears under the feet which literally melts the ice! And all because of global warming. Almost a third of the animals that you will learn from this book, are under the protection, and some may soon disappear altogether... Perhaps mankind will be able to do without them. But with each lost species, our world will become less colorful and lovely...

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