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642 ideas to write a Notebook of an aspiring writer

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This book - creative -trainer - to practice creativity. It will be very helpful to anyone who wants to develop imagination and to learn how to succinctly Express thoughts. On its pages - 642 beginning stories - funny, funny, sad, fantastic and even a bit weird... They need to be developed and turn into finished stories. Unusual characters, unexpected situations, funny circumstances ... a sequel come up? What happens? You will be surprised how fascinating can be a creative process. Chips books This book is a school project 826 Valencia in San Francisco, where children learn to write and edit texts. The best teachers of this school invented and created this collection of ideas to inspire aspiring writers around the world. In addition to that of the task in Notepad and develop the imagination, they also learn to Express thoughts succinctly and consistently - so that in a few sentences would fit the whole story. A few creative tasks from the book You meet a girl who can close my eyes and see the entire Universe. Tell me about it. Try to fit the entire life of a person in one sentence. Take the article from the newspaper. Write ten words or phrases that caught my eye. Using these words write a poem that begins: -What if... - Your cat is bent on world domination. She figured out how to switch bodies with you. Write a story that begins: -the Strangeness started with the fact that Fred bought a house for their miniature pigs... - Explain to the miner from the 1849, how does e-mail. An unknown force threw you into the computer. You need to get out. Pick any item on the Desk (pen, pencil, eraser, etc.) and write him a note of thanks.

Who is this book for?

For adults and kids who love to fantasize.

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