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Around the world. Above ground and below ground

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What's hidden where we can't see? With this book the child will travel around the world and see who lives in the desert Sands and the Arctic ice, who can be found in the rainforest and on an island far away in the ocean. How much time can not drink camel? Where the lives of a sand cat? What is the iceberg? Why Islands don't swim in the sea? How to construct a volcano? Who is perched in the tree crown-giant?.. Let's reveal the secrets of nature together! This book is an unforgettable adventure for young visionaries. At one turn Jaguar starts hunting, the other a scuba diver explores an underwater world, the third - a caravan of camels crisscrossing the desert. Remember: adventure is everywhere. Chips books Opening the book to any page, you will see the usual scenery. Then, pry off the big flap, you can see everything that is under the ground or under water. In the book, numerous small Windows - is of little secrets. Looking at them, you will know what is inside, in the bowels of the volcano, at an island in the ocean, in the rainforest. Behind every window - the whole story! This book awakens curiosity: reading it, the child will ask different questions to parents and himself to seek answers. About the series Series of books -Above the earth and under the earth - acquaints kids with the world around, showing them where we normally can't see. Thanks to the drop-down valves and boxes the children can consider underground and underwater worlds.

Who is this book for?

For kids 3-5 years younger levels, who love to open the Windows and looking at the pictures.

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