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Art. From CRO-magnon to you My first encyclopedia DOCS

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Look: art is all around you. Our primitive ancestors lived in caves, but they already liked to draw. As time went on, people learned how to sculpt in clay, carve stone, cast from metal. For thousands of years in their history, they came up with hundreds of ways to depict the world. After reading this book, you'll know who Leonardo da Vinci what is a mural and how it differs from a mosaic of stained glass. You will get acquainted with the outstanding creations of mankind, from cave painting to land art. I wonder what kind of art you like the most? Enjoy so that you will want to create something beautiful! What is DOCS: a Series of encyclopedias that have been created in order to become the first acquaintance of the kid with a given topic. The first encyclopedia will help you understand the basic concepts and themes that surround children from 3 years. Detailed and clear illustrations, a small number of interesting facts open the first door to the study topic. The first book of the series: Art and Transportation. Chips books the Kid finds out why people at all times liked to pretend that surrounds them. Will learn about different styles and directions in the visual arts. Learns the names of the great masters of the past and see their famous works. Will visit the workshop of the Renaissance artist, medieval printing, in the Palace of the Enlightenment, in the Studio of a Victorian photographer. Also, first movie theater, with artists in the open air, in museums and at exhibitions. The child may excitedly to rassmatrivat plot of the picture, he read the short texts and make them their own story.

Who is this book for?

For children from 3 years. For the first acquaintance of the child with the history of art and styles.

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