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All sorts of Goodies. Album for the development of creativity

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Legendary albums of famous Japanese Illustrator and author of children's books by Taro Gomi. He came up with these albums 20 years ago, and since then, they draw the whole world! In series out: - History, - Animals, -all Sorts of Goodies. What are these albums? The child is invited to think through and to paint the picture that started the author. In albums you can draw anything: markers, pencils, pastel crayons, paints. And you all together! Let your child show maximum imagination. What's the secret to the unprecedented success of the Taro Gomi. It is a unique style of drawing that none of the artists could not replicate. For adults, these figures may seem scrawl, but the children feel confident in the world of Taro Gomi. They have no fear of the right, beautiful contour, which often can be found in normal colorings. And they are happy to complement the picture that was offered to them by the author. For some of these albums? For children. For parents. Albums develop creative thinking of the child without any effort on your part. For teachers, children's clubs, creative studios, ISO-circles. Albums can be used for thematic lessons. Learn by playing. For adults. These albums are a great gift for anyone who loves to dream and who do not have enough childhood in everyday life. These albums don't have to be Mature and proper, they can be mistaken and fooling around. What is this album? This album is about food! Let your child talk about what he loves to eat: cook noodle soup and choose the pizza will make a delicious sandwich and cook dinner for your taste, picnic and paint the ice cream truck. By Yana Frank Books Taro Gomi different from other children's publications. When I first picked up his book, standing next to me friend (art Director of the publishing house of children's literature) said: a Brave man is the one who decided to publish this first. A great success of this enterprise is well deserved -. About as experts say, all his life engaged in the visual arts with young children. Although they can understand how this dizzying success. Taro Gomi has managed to maintain a vision of a little child. He draws the book, alone with that kids feel very comfortable because it is their world.

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