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About the tails, noses and ears Interesting facts about animals

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To dig nose? Look around the ears? There are feet? Kidding? Not at all. Animals and such can! In the original book of the famous American author and Illustrator Steve Jenkins tells young readers about the amazing facts of animal life. Or rather, about what unusual ways they can use their tails, noses, mouths, ears, and paws. In 2004, Steve Jenkins received the book prize of Caldecott - the most honourable award in the field of children's literature in the United States, which honors authors of the best literary and artistic works. Feature of the book Is not just informative book. It's a book game. First, the child sees certain parts of the body and it guesses what animal they belong to and what they can do? And on the following pages - the answer: big colorful illustrations and simple texts-explanations. Illustrations of the Book Steve Jenkins can be found at first glance. It works in the original technique of collage, collecting illustrations from the art paper. Through the use of different paper textures and colors he manages to create surprisingly naturalistic image. On the pages, as if under glass, are the thumbnails of animals.

Who is this book for?

For children from 4 years. Very little are interested in looking at the illustrations and guess the animals. And for the older children at the end of the book provides even more interesting facts.

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