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A rabbit who wants to fall asleep the Tale to help parents

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If your child can not sleep, it's time to go in search of sleeping with Roger rabbit and his mom! The magician uncle Zev, wise Sleepy Owl and a very slow Old man-snail know how to help you. This incredibly popular all over the world the tale is written by professional psychologist. It relieves tension and smoothly your child to sleep using specific techniques based on the method of hypnosis Erickson. Psychologists confirm: the book is completely safe, and the effect of reading depends on the characteristics of the child. Most of the kids already fall asleep in the middle of the story. We hope that this book will help you and your family. Today thousands of weary lack of sleep parents thank the author from all corners of the planet. Chips books the Book is based on special psychological techniques, which help children to fall asleep easier and faster every day. Proven the Myth to their children! The book was translated into 43 languages. In the world sold 1.6 million copies. Initially, Carl-Johan Forssen earlene published a book in Swedish and English on their own, but in the first months of sales soared to the top of the world rankings and was recognized as a real phenomenon in the world literature. Book-personalized - - it specially marked places where you need to refer to child by name. This helps children to better perceive the text. From the author I was born and raised in the small town of Huskvarna in Sweden. I soon realized that I like to help people and make their lives happier. In 20 years, I discovered the field of personal development and my life changed dramatically. I spent days and nights listening to cassettes (Yes, I'm that old), CDs and reading books on how to live a happy and successful life. I quit my job and started to study psychology, leadership, teaching, acting and rhetoric in the Swedish universities. At the same time I started my own company and began to help people with their personal objectives as a coach, mainly in companies and universities. My first book I published in 2006-Create the future - (yet it was published only in Swedish), and so began my career as a writer. After that I continued to write books about personal development and psychology as the basis for it. The rabbit who wants to fall asleep is a story to read at night, which has been translated into many languages. It helps kids all over the planet to relax and fall asleep. I'm still shocked at what the boys from the tiny town has become known throughout the world of the author.

Who is this book for?

For parents of young kids who don't want to go to bed. How to use sleepy tale -

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