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Russian Painted Box Palekh "Firebird"

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Rectangular, similar to a storybook Box "Firebird" has length of 13 centimeters and a bright cover decorated with a scene from a fairy tale "Humpbacked horse". A sufficiently large size Box and convenient form will allow you to use it to store many items. The most valuable object is the illustration on its cover, that the artist Serov painted in the style of Palekh.

Ivan Tsarevich depicted in the orange coat, matches both hat and boots. His assistant, the little humpbacked horse, became owner of lush mane of coffee color and long curling tail. The Firebird looks untraditional: it has white plumage and a long peacock's tail, but around the bird, you can notice bright red-orange-blue halo.

The Box is painted in black - on the side walls and around the pictures -miniatures, the artist struck with gold ornament. "Firebird" resembles a book, you can use to store things on a desk, or give it as a souvenir for a foreign guest.

In Russia, as a kind of art, lacquer painting took shape later that in Europe. Of course, each country developed its own individual style in lacquer painting which for example, manifested itself in the choice and interpretation of them and in the peculiarities of decor. Having mastered the achievements of foreign enterprises, Russian lacquer painting became a kind of art peculiar for its national originality. Components for lacquer painting are created from papier-mashe and the technology of its production does not change for more that two centuries. The object's body, bottom and lid are made separately. Then all those parts are joined together, primed, dried and processed on the joiner's bench. The next stage is dyeing of the object. As a rule, from the outside, it is painted by the black dye, and from the inside - by the red dye. Then the object is covered by several layers of transparent lacquer and after that is dried. Now the object is ready for painting. Russian Lacquer Boxes are beautiful lacquer miniature works of art that gained worldwide appreciation and are highly sought after, created by the most talented Russian artists. These small and distinctive treasures come from Russian villages of Fedoskino, Palekh, Kholui, and Mstera. The miniature paintings on Lacquered boxes usually feature fairy tale themes, as well as country life, troikas, and landscapes. You can choose from a completely handmade and hand-painted one-of-a-kind collector's item signed by an artist or a lacquer box with a stunning print of a miniature masterpiece.

Painting Palekh lacquer is a Russian folk handicraft of miniature painting, which is done with tempera paints on varnished articles made of papier-mâché (small & medium sized boxes, cigarette and powder cases etc.). These boxes are extremely unique, rare and they have a unique Russian history and culture of their own. The small town of “Palekh” is located in 360 kilometers East from Moscow. This unique and historic town specialized in painting religious Russian orthodox icons for hundreds of years. In 1917 communist philosophy was spreading throughout Russia and this nearly ended the work on the icon artisans. However, many of the original orthodox icon artists quickly shifted to painting “Palekh” lacquer boxes. The artists banded together over the years of 1918 – 1958 to form cooperatives & small art schools to ensure the survival of their unique painting skills and styles. Despite the torments of Stalinism, the Russian people created the State Museum of Palekh Artists (1935) and the Association of Palekh Artists (1935). In the 1960s, during the Russian period of de-Stalinization, these original skilled Russian artists revived the Palekh style and expanded this painting style into Europe and abroad. In the post Stalinist years, an influx of enthusiastic artists also helped ensure the Palekh art would continue to thrive. Today, the lacquer art of Palekh is called "a small miracle", a label particularly fitting since this style of box originated from the same village and from the same painters that specialized in religious icon-painting for many centuries. Many of the skills and techniques that were used in painting famous hand-painted Russian religious icons have been adopted and utilized in making these Palekh boxes. When you hold one of these lacquer boxes in your hand, you will realize that this is something truly special. These boxes have extraordinary detail, with fine lines painted in gold and contrasting colors. Artists use single-hair brushes, real gold and egg tempera paint. Palekh miniature is signed on the same pattern. On the cover of a thing there is a mark of the place of production (Palekh), the date (year) and the author's autograph.

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