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Anti-wrinkle active moisturizing cream

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Application: for body

For whom: For women

Weight: 250 grams

Manufacturer: Natura Siberica

the Use of this cream allows the skin filled with moisture, which greatly increases its tone, allows to smooth and soften the process of regeneration of collagen fibers, tightening the overall condition of the skin and giving it elasticity.

it is Worth remembering that the skin of the whole body, not just on the face, undergoes changes with age. To preserve firmness and elasticity, you need to give your body special attention. BIO-cream "Against the first wrinkles" from LABORATORIA SIBERICA helps to replenish skin moisture, improve skin tone, smooth, soften and accelerate the process of regeneration of collagen fibers that restore the skin taut and elastic.

In the cream there is a whole range of highly advanced components:

Altai sea buckthorn (organic phytoactive concentrate)-as Pentavitin moisturizing complex from natural ingredients-Neuropeptides (7 pieces)-natural collagen-the chemical compound of vegetable hyaluronic acid, antioxidants (activity equal to 100%)-ceramide-retinol (100%).

part of the formula of the cream has such a unique component, as Altai sea buckthorn (organic phytoactive concentrate). Special conditions, it should be collected only in their homeland – Siberia – because of the features of the climate of the region. That is grown and gathered in the Altai sea buckthorn has a set of unique properties that can give our skin a radiant and healthy appearance.

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