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Anti-stretch serum for body

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Application: for body. smoothing

For whom: For women

Weight: 200 grams

Manufacturer: Natura Siberica

Natura Siberica creates cosmetic products exclusively based on natural ingredients grown in the natural conditions of the Far East. Through the use of high-tech processes with maximum preservation of the healing properties of plants, this brand has received several international certificates ecosouthwest: ECOCEPT, ICEA, COSMO, BDIH.

Small imperfections and flaws even on a perfectly slender figure I want to eliminate. To do this, buy a special serum for body anti-stretch mark "Blue nori" from the Kam-chat-ka. It will help to reduce the existing stretch marks and prevent new ones due to giving the skin more elasticity.

the Composition of the cosmetic product rich in extracts from medicinal plants. Wild oil of lemongrass has powerful antioxidant effects, removing the irritation, stimulating the strengthening of the immune system and tone the skin. A rich complex of vitamin substances contained in red algae nori. They promote intensive moisturizing and smoothing the skin, improving the cell renewal process. An active fighter against lumpy skin caffeine performs the function of stimulating and enhancing the vitality of epidermal cells. Which leads to a significant reduction in stretch marks and swelling. As a component of natural unsaturated hydrocarbon is completely absorbed by the skin cells and eliminates the formation of imperfections on the body, in the form of scars and stretch marks. Gives the skin a radiant appearance.

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