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Anti-aging hands cream (after 40 years)

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Application: for body. against cellulite lbs.

For whom: For women

Weight: 400 grams

Manufacturer: Natura Siberica

a rapidly growing cosmetics company Natura Siberica creates products for preserving youth and beauty extracts of wild plants. The brand, thanks to its responsible attitude to the production of cosmetic products, not one time were awarded international certificates environmental compliance: ECOCEPT, ICEA, COSMO, BDIH. This gives grounds for confidence in high efficiency and safety of these products.

to preserve youth and beauty, to constantly monitor the condition of the skin and to prevent not only the aging signs, but also eliminate the roughness and sometimes sagging skin. Then you have to buy unique body wrap "Honey-ginger" from the Kam-chat-ka. This complex will help to acquire smart-looking body contour, as well as get rid of unsightly cellulite.

the structure of this tool include powerful active ingredients which are directed on stimulation and activation of metabolic processes and blood circulation. Ginger honey is responsible for the improvement of microcirculation of blood flow in the cellulite-affected areas to accelerate the burning of subcutaneous fat. The red algae extract is a powerful nutrient that supplies every cell with the necessary set of substances. And lymphatic drainage also has the property. Siberian ginseng improves vitality of the skin, improving its energy balance.

as a result, you will get a firm and elastic skin structure, smart outline and shining uniform color the body.

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