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Bright bracelet molded of natural amber beads, and "Angelica"

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Natural shaped amber / beads / Metal accessories

Bright bracelet molded of natural amber beads, and "Angelica": 604608308

Practically every representative delicate half of humanity is familiar with   women's novels the heroine of the beautiful Angelica, which embodies all the luxury and the passion of the XVII century. It is in honor of it we call a collection of jewelry, give birth to images of lush   balls, rich toilets and interior in the style of  . Baroque  

Spectacular bracelet is made of beads, balls molded natural amber cherry color, interspersed with silver beads and adorned with rhinestones metal inserts. Bracelet looks very elegant and perfect choice to complement the festive or evening dresses. Because it is built on a string, it is easily stretched on the wrist of any size from 14.5 cm  .

  • Bracelet Length: 14.5   cm
  • Diameter   beads: 8   mm  
  • Weight: 17.9   g

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