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Bank stories Play, invent, tell

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The book contains ideas, games and creative projects for children 5-12 years. The goal of each game is to invent and tell a story. In children's minds wandering snatches of stories. About the ice cream cone that didn't want it dropped, the birds flying away to distant lands, the trees that miss the leaves. This is a very simple thing, inspired by the impressions of the day, and bizarre fantasies - the fruit of long reflection. The task of loving and attentive adults to identify these hidden inside the stories and to help them to escape. As any invented and told the story helps young people understand themselves, understand the world around us and learn to live in it. Creative classes and projects in this book are not just for children. They serve as a source of inspiration and for adults who have not forgotten how to play and are ready to plunge into the fascinating world of stories. The book contains many hints for the development of the plot: card-memo, magic rocks, a map with stories, pocket, puppet theatre, magic mailbox, and more. DIY suitable conventional materials for creativity and all that are in the pantry, the drawers and in the attic of the house and up the walk. Invent and create, play and share! Chips books the writing and the storytelling develops imagination, helps to Express thoughts and feelings, forms the moral principles, develops social skills and strengthens social ties. 40 applied projects and creative tasks designed to develop the child's fine motor skills, speech, imagination. Doing yourself the child trains the ability to focus on the task at hand. Working in the group, he gets the experience of collective creativity and public speaking.

Who is this book for?

For parents, caregivers and teachers. Most of the tasks are designed for children from 5 years. All projects and assignments involve the participation of adults.

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