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Handmade valenki "Gzhel" with sole, collection "Traditions" (1260)

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Color: white

Type: handmade

Collection: Traditions

Age: adult

Sex: female

Material: sheep fleece, acrylics rhinestones threads

Sole: thermoplastic (TP)

Country of origin: Russia

Weight: 1120 g

Brand: Russkie Valenki

Valenki are known as Russian traditional felt boots. They are 100% natural made of felted sheep's wool that is used to produce seamless, warm and healthy winter boots. Such footwear is absolutely perfect on dry snow on a frosty sunny day. This is a perfect choice for a ski resort, a winter hiking tour or long walking in a snowy forest.

One should remember that valenki are not water-resistant. To protect from getting wet, most boots have a rubber sole. Otherwise, they are worn with special rubber shoes, or galoshes.

Traditional felt boots are of brown, black, gray and white colors but modern valenki astonish with red, blue, purple, green, yellow and orange hues. Diverse stylish designs help valenki to find a place almost in every heart.

It is important to choose the right size. Since felt boots stretch in width but shrink in length, that is a challenging task. Choosing boots according to foot length, one should measure a boot length from the inside, since the felt thickness varies, and measurements on the outside can result in a serious mistake with the size.

With account of shrinkage, the general rule is to buy valenki with no sole two sizes larger and valenki with rubber sole one size larger the size of leather boots.

To wear your valenki for many winters, follow our recommendations.

  • Clean the boots with a dry brush after each use
  • Dry the boots by heating appliances at 40°C (104°F)
  • Do not dry the boots directly on the surface of heating appliances
  • Do not walk in your valenki in puddles

The Russian Souvenir store offers a variety of valenki to fit every taste. These amazing winter boots have been the footwear of choice for generations of Russians. Nowadays they gain popularity in different countries all over the world. When you buy a pair of valenki, you will surely get warm and have quite a trendy accessory!

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