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Privacy Policy

Customers provide their personal data. ART AGENCY LLC can use the information to provide certain services. ART AGENCY LLC ensures that customer’s information will not be disclosed. Personal data may be given to third parties in case they act on the basis of the contract with ART AGENCY LLC and provide necessary services. 

ART AGENCY LLC is not responsible for customer’s data given in open access.

As the use of personal data may be necessary for the provision of certain services in full, ART AGENCY LLC ensures that this information will not be used for research profiles, but only in order to ensure the normal functioning of the site and order processing.

ART AGENCY LLC ensures that the personal information voluntarily provided by our users will not be transferred or sold to third parties.

All the information on your credit card, necessary for making the payment or other bank transactions (credit / debit card, expiration date, security code) will be transferred directly to our bank, as well as service authorization data to protect against fraud by means of a coded protocol without the involvement of third parties. ART AGENCY LLC never scans and saves this information for any purposes.

All security measures are taken to our website for the sole purpose to minimize the risk of unauthorized access or dissemination of information that could threaten the security of our clients. Therefore, we strongly recommend that our website users to ensure that their computer is equipped with the latest security software and that the Internet connection they use is properly secured by a reliable provider.

ART AGENCY LLC informs its users that their rights are protected by the Law of the Russian Federation. Users have the right to request the following information through the ART AGENCY LLC:

1.Confirmation of the existence of personal data

2.Having a complete correspondence between the data and their source

3.Objectives and consequences of the data used

Request this information may be repeated after 9 days, in addition to information about the availability of legitimate objectives; cancellation, transformation into an anonymous format of such information in the event of violations of the law, and used in accordance with the purposes for which such information was provided.