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"Big Family" Set of 5 Miniature Nesting Dolls G

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The "Big Family" set consists of five nesting dolls depicting a family on the farm. The largest nesting doll is the wife and the mother. She wears a thick orange scarf shawl, a blue dress and a white apron. The blond woman holds apples and seedlings with yellow flowers.

The eldest daughter is the third nesting doll. She gathers fruit and berries into the basket, and is dressed in a red scarf shawl and a black working dress for gardening. The son, who is the fourth doll, has a yellow apple. The youngest child in this large family is the girl depicted on the smallest nesting doll with a bouquet of blue forget-me-nots.

The set can be purchased for friends who recently bought a cottage or a country house. You can also present the dolls to a foreigner who is interested in Russian rustic life, or to a family to decorate a kitchen window sill.

Through the years, nesting dolls have evolved to become a form of amazing folk art and a metaphorical representation of various themes and motifs in Russian history and culture. These wooden beauties became a part of the Russian national heritage, a symbol of motherhood and fertility of Mother Nature.

The well-known matryoshka is actually a set of dolls. Each doll presents a wooden figure which can be pulled apart to reveal a smaller figure of the same sort inside, which has, in turn, another figure inside, and so on. The smallest innermost doll is single-part. The number of nested figurines varies.

Nesting dolls often depict traditional cheerful girls in colorful dresses and bright scarf or shawls, families of all sorts, characters of Russian folk tales, singers and actors, popular Soviet and Russian political leaders. Painting motives bedazzle in their diversity and continue to comprise more and more new notions.

The Russian Souvenir store has a good selection of nesting dolls of different sizes and designs for you to choose from. Our website offers classic, as well as modern, or unusual nesting dolls for every taste and budget. A set of nesting dolls can be bought as an elegant interior decoration or as a present for a business partner or a foreign friend who will undoubtedly appreciate this precious gift. The matryoshka is also a good choice for a kid who will be fascinated by the wooden toy as several generations of kids before him or her.

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