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Coffee set Idyll Gzhel

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Large holiday coffee set Idyll. Contains 28 items: coffee pot 220x115x200mm, sugar bowl 115x98x140mm, creamer 103x72x99mm, 6 cups 94x67x75mm, 6 saucers 113x113x15mm, flower vase 120x120x215mm, vase for jam 125x125x70mm, candy bowl 170x152x138mm, plate 170x170x35mm, dish for fruits175x140x95mm, & nbsp; napkin holder 80x80x108mm, tray 333x333x12mm. All of the items can be used in microwave, oven or a dishwasher.

Gzhel painting on the finest porcelain is an old traditional and honorable craft. The porcelain enjoys far-reaching popularity both in Russia and far beyond it, with many art lovers and connoisseurs yearning to get one or two precious pieces for their collections. Bunches of flowers, picturesque landscapes, the wealth of animal and plant life, images of people, diverse patterns are popular painting motifs. Blue on white a la-russe is represented by different products. These are magnificent figurines and statuettes, vases, chandeliers, lamps, clocks, coffee and dinner sets.

Historically, Gzhel is the name of the region close to Moscow which includes 27 villages. The region gave the name to a famous craft, due to presence of porcelain clay, perfectly suitable for pottery production, and a school of artists promoting unique painting techniques. The manufacturing process is multistage and time-consuming. First, a gypsum mould of the future product is made. Next, liquid porcelain mass is poured into the prepared mould. After the porcelain hardens and takes the form of the mould, the firing is performed. The products are painted with cobalt with the help of a squirrel brush. A special technique is used, when each successive stroke is different from the previous one and has a wide range from deep and dark tones to light and bright ones.

The Russian Souvenir store offers original dinner and coffee sets manufactured according Gzhel technologies and traditions. All products are hand-made and hand-painted with cobalt in traditional Russian style. Each item is of prime quality astonishing with the fine porcelain and delicate painting techniques. The set will decorate any kitchen shelf. It can be bought as a present for your foreign friends or the just married who will undoubtedly appreciate this precious gift.

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