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KUMON. First steps. Let's add pictures! Funny stories

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A collection of exercises through which the child learns to fold the paper along the marked lines. Assignments in the notebook is built on the principle -from simple to complex. First, the baby will exactly fold the sheet on one line, then several, and in the final tasks is to alternate the bends -for me - and -myself. Completing quests will help develop a child's fine motor skills, spatial reasoning and a sense of form. Chips notebook 1. Clever design and bright illustrations create a cheerful learning atmosphere and help children from two years to purchase a variety of useful skills. 2. Notebook gives parents the opportunity to spend time with your child. 3. Assignments in the notebook promote development of fine motor skills and at the same time to increase the vocabulary of the child. How to use this workbook 1. To facilitate the task of the child, cut from a sheet with the job picture. 2. The purpose of this workbook is to teach the child to fold the paper. To the baby was easier to perform the first task, you can pre-bend the pictures on the designated lines. Pay attention of the child how the picture when he puts the sheet. Thereby you will allow your child to experience. 3. Don't forget to praise your child after each task. 4. Don't miss the comments under the title-Parents -: in them we give tips that will help your child to cope with the tasks. 5. Decide in advance how many jobs a day will carry the baby. It is recommended to finish the class until the baby is tired and wants to practice a bit more.

What is KUMON?

KUMON is the largest international center of additional education. Today, the KUMON study programmes in 47 countries, more than 4 million children and adolescents aged 2 to 17 years. KUMON workbooks for preschoolers will help your child to acquire the skills of writing, numeracy, and also teach him to work with scissors and glue. Tasks developed on the basis of KUMON: Train your attention and perseverance. Nurture self-discipline and habit to self-employment. Help the child to feel confident in their abilities. KUMON method based on the repeated execution of similar tasks that, gradually making it more difficult, allow the child to easily learn and reinforce acquired skills. Moving forward with small steps, your child will surely succeed in mastering the educational material. What notebook to choose? Series-KUMON. First steps is designed for children from 2 years. Assignments in notebooks aimed at the development of fine motor skills and preparing hands to the letter. Coloring pictures, folding paper, cutting out and making a simple application, your child step by step to acquire the skills necessary for further learning. If your child likes to perform tasks of this notebook, you can continue training books for preschoolers. Each KUMON workbook series designed for a certain age and develop specific skills. Choose what you need for your child.

Who is this book for?

For children from two years.

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