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The history of the emergence of books refers us to the most ancient civilizations, when the oral transmission of knowledge was the only way to share your experience and skills. With the advent of writing, people used everything they could write on for writing, from clay tablets to tree bark.

In ancient Egypt, papyrus was invented, which was made from a tree of the same name. For convenient storage, the papyri were rolled into scrolls. In the Middle Ages, more known manuscripts appeared, which archaeologists find to this day. The manuscripts are already more similar to modern Books, they had a binding and pages, and they used reed pens and ink for writing, and later began to use bird feathers.

In modern times, there is a huge number of books, the largest library is considered the Library of Congress, which contains about 155 million copies of books and manuscripts. Probably one of the most mysterious libraries is the library of Ivan the Terrible, the search for which has been going on for several centuries, because according to information from the documents, there are copies of manuscripts that are very important for history, which can turn the modern understanding of history.


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