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About Us

Welcome Souvrissua.com, a treasury of Russian art. This platform hosts unique articles of arts and crafts! 

Decorative and applied arts is an example of the elegant combination of beauty and convenience that deserves a special spot in Russian culture. The articles created by humble folk from small Russian towns and villages have become the symbol and the legacy of Russia. Handymen know how to use simple materials like clay, wood, stone, metal and fabric to create things radiant with inner light. Some peculiar features of traditional arts have been mastered for centuries and nowadays they represent the treasury of folk art. 

ART AGENCY LLC is the leader in the field of retail export of unique, Russia-specific articles, souvenirs and presents, everything that stands for generosity, patriotism, and love. The separate line of our business is to export natural, organic merchandise, manufactured on the territory of the Russian Federation. 

We are positive that you would love to order with us, and now we will tell you why:

  • We try to reduce the cost of the article by working directly with the vendors and craftsmen who keep the traditions of the past alive.  We are constantly searching for new suppliers to cooperate with and it pushes us to evolve the structure of our logistics network. Right now, some types of merchandise could be sent to you directly from the place it was created; 
  • We provide the possibility to purchase rare collection items and VIP gifts/Premium gifts. Some special cases and situations in life crave for showing genuine Russian generosity. We are happy to assist by providing posh Russian articles that are available for sale only through souvrussia.com e-cart; 
  • Convenient and safe payment methods. We cooperate with safe payment systems and use protected SSL certificates. Such approach ensures the safety of each payment transaction;
  • We have in stock original and certified goods that are created by the representatives of various arts and crafts schools as well as manufactured as a limited edition. Bright Russian ornamentation and easily recognized symbols are in the spotlight of the world market, that’s why a lot of fake souvenirs predominantly made in China are flooding the Internet. We assure you that making a purchase with us means that you buy authentic products;
  • Reliable shipping. We enter into contracts with big and reliable shipping postal systems only. Among our partners are such companies as “UPS”, “CitiExpress”, “DHL”, “EMS”, “China Post”, etc.
  • Wide selection of merchandise. We have more than 8,000 of articles that are unique, beautiful and are stamped with Russian identity; 
  •  Special offers, discounts, and presents. We are constantly searching for innovative ways to bring joy to our clients. It could be free service or special discount policy to our loyal customers, we even hold  auctions;
  • We treat each customer with personal service. In case the object you want to purchase absents from the production line presented on our website, we are capable of ordering the unique production of this particular item (of course there always will be exceptions). Some articles are exposed for engraving or art painting to feature your name or any other image upon your request. Please, contact our managers to get to know more details;
  • It’s very easy to reach us. Any time you feel like you need additional information or want to ask for some details concerning any of the merchandise, please, write to us and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Our managers are available through chat box on the website, phone call, email, Skype, Messenger. Feel free to contact us through social networks as well.   

Address of the main storehouse of the company ART AGENCY LLC: Partiyniy pereulok 1, building 57/3, office 17. 

Additional storages are located in other regions of our huge country and it enables us to create a unique logistics network to organize the quickest shipment of your orders from any place inside the country with the shortest possible time. 

Welcome to Russia! ART AGENCY LLC is bound to become the source of high-quality products made in Russia and unveils the unbelievable beauty and the wealth of Russian history. 

Official business address: Poselok Razvilka, Rimskiy proezd 1, app. 631
ИНН 7716761538